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If going on vacation, you may consider adding a lock or replacing and upgrading an existing lock to secure your front door. Adding a second lock to your apartment door might be a good idea. Locks like jimmy-proof, heavy duty deadbolts are highly recommended. If you install a high-security lock, rest assured, it will not be picked. It is very difficult to unlock a high security lock without a special equipment if you lost your key. Medeco lock and Mul-T-Lock are made of alloys that don't rust and ware, like standard locks. Consider adding a plate to your lock, it also gives you added security and reinforces the lock.
A 24 hour Emergency Locksmith in Brooklyn, New York, Queens, Bronx will assist you with all locksmith issues.
For convenience some people prefer to have one key for all their outside and some inside locks. This way you do not have to search for keys on your keychain that will fit a particular lock on your door. Having just one key for all your locks makes gaining entry to your property very easy. Ask our locksmith to rekey existing locks to a new combination. This alone will upgrade the security level of your locks because the people who had the keys before, will not be able to get in.

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